Everything passes by, everything in life is temporary, life itself is temporary. You could call it decay. The beauty that comes with it, is very touching to me. If it’s about a person, a flower or nature in autumn.

I was still young (16 years) when all of the sudden, my dad passed away. This happened at a time in which I, as a teenager, was exploring everything life could offer me. It was immensely shocking for me to find out that finiteness even exist. It took years to get my life back on track, but it was a development I would not have wanted to miss out on, it shaped me into the person I am today.

After many years, I can finally see the beauty of decay. This beauty deserves a permanent memory although, permanent……

2019 - Winnaar Imaginem Master Silver Award

2017 - Nominatie Imaginem award

2017 - Nomination MPN Awards

2016 - Qualified European Photographer (FEP)

2016 - Imaginem Awards

2014 - Best Portfolio PI

2013 - Silver Master MPN

2013 - Best Portfolio MPN

2007 - Gold Award DIPP

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